June 28th Outdoor Skate Performance

July 6, 2006


Despite the weather, the “Musique Concrete” project survived its first outdoor performance….well almost. You can watch a clip by clicking on the photo above.

The main concern was rain. Earlier that day it poured, jeopardizing the entire event. Fortunately, the sky cleared and the pavement dried just in time for the performance. Another concern was volume. Two small speakers were mounted on the end of one side of the bridge. Low frequencies did not seem to travel well and were saturated among the background noise of passing cars and buses. One solution to this problem would be obviously, to use larger speakers. Another solution would be to position the existing speakers near the water.

From a programming standpoint, the patch worked flawlessly. However, after one hour, the show was over. Too many kick flips and ollies loosened one of the soldered connections and broke the connection. That pretty much ended it.

“Wear and tear” is obviously an issue in projects such as these. At some point, something is bound to break. And for me, it was sooner rather than later. Nevertheless, one hour of solid skateboarding wasn’t too bad.


This completes my residency period at Titanik. Overall, I’m satisfied with the outcome of this project and enjoyed my residency experience in Turku. For me, it was gratifying to achieve the goals that were set out to be accomplished by turning an idea into a reality.



I’m especially grateful to the members of Titanik for supporting this project and for inviting me as their guest artist. Also, thanks to all those who attended the performances.

And finally, thanks to you for visiting this blog! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

You can check for updates and upcoming events related to the of the Musique Concrete project on my website .



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