week 2

May 13, 2006


This week, I continued working on programming while examining the different types of sound generated by the computer. With my patch, I’m now able to control the volume, velocity and pitch of the MIDI signal. I also mounted a flex sensor on the truck.


Flex sensors change resistance when bent.

With the flex sensor, I can explore even more parameters like delay, reverb and gain while executing turns on the skateboard.

With only three sensors mounted, the skateboard already looks like a ‘wire spaghetti’ but the clear tape helps fasten them down. Somehow the additional weight isn’t noticeable while riding. Much to my surprise, the skateboard has been able to withstand a considerable amount of shock and vibration.

Tuesday, I went on an excursion to Helsinki to attend a yearly art exhibit held by the students of the Master of Arts program. “The festival chooses to link rather than represent” reads one of the slogans in the brochure. Sculpture, video, textile art, painting, photography, among a multitude of other forms of expression were all “linked’ together under the roof of the University. The Master of Arts program is located in the former porcelain factory situated in the industrial quarter of Helsinki known as “Arabia.”


Finally, it was time to test the board. I began riding around the gallery floor. It is a perfect space for a skate performance. The floor rolls well and there are several rooms from which to weave in and out.

Later in the week, two newspapers: ” Turun Sanomat ” and “Åbo Underrättelser” covered the skateboard project and the new residency program during a press meeting on Thursday. Two articles were printed the following day.


Later that evening, it was QBICO RECORDS night at the Dynamo club. Several groups performed from this ecclectic label. One of which was called Lauhkeat Lampaa- ( which I’m told loosely translates from Finnish into “mellow sheep”.) The name was fitting to its music : wood, wind, and subtle pastural folklore were all elements evoked while listening to them.


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